Aultena Sephimiri

Tailfeather huntress :: keeper of the moon miqo'te :: night owl

Full Name: Aultena Sephimiri
Nickname: ‘Tena or Tena
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 22nd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon (June 22nd)
Species: Miqo’te, Keeper of the Moon
Gender: Female
Hometown: Tailfeather, Dravanian Forelands, Eorzea
Occupation: Hunter / Survivalist

Aultena’s extended family are also Keeper of the Moon miqo’te. Her relationship with them is fairly non-existent on either side.

She's had a good, loving relationship with her parents who encouraged her to be independent and strong-willed. She was closest to her mother, but still had a good relationship with her father. They were killed on a Clan Hunt when she was twelve. After that, she was cared for by a friend of the family, a Wildwood Elezen by name of Sillesti Abriel. Her relationship with Sillesti was also fairly good, though they did tend to butt heads on occasion.

RP Hooks
You need a place to stay.
As proprietress of 'The Stars' Rest Inn' Aultena can easily provide hunters, mercenaries, and travelers of all kinds a safe place to stay with regular meals.

You need something hunted.
Aultena is a trained huntress out of Tailfeather and the daughter of a pair of successful Huntmasters. She has had years of training since childhood on how to survive and track in the wild. Characters can likely hear about her services as a huntress among the Centurio (Ishgard) and Eorzean Hunt Clans. She has not yet established herself in Doma/Othard or Gyr Abania, but isn't above taking hunts in those areas.

You need something gathered.
Along with her hunting skills, she's also good with foraging, both from plants and animals. Along with this, she's also taken up mining to make the most of her outdoor forays. Almost any market in Ishgard and Eorzea will have knowledge/rumors about this fiery miqo'te that delivers various flora and fauna materials.

You are/were a Tailfeather Resident.
Aultena and her godfather, Sillesti, are well-known in the small community of Tailfeather. Other residents of the township are welcome to know Aultena and anything written herein.

You are/were an Ishgard Resident.
Aultena frequented the markets at the Jeweled Crozier as well as the stable yard in Ishgard, selling caught chocobos, animal pelts, various plants and the like. You are welcome to know her personally or obliquely through market hearsay.


I am a 40-year old gamer lady with over 30 years of roleplaying experience across various formats. I tend to be a night owl, active primarily between 8pm and 8am central time (US). I have several medical conditions that may require me to AFK or reschedule, but I will always do my best to communicate that. Understanding that Real Life and my well-being come first is a requirement.

☼ Active and Engaging roleplay partners of any type; friends, family, lovers, rivals, you name it!
☼ Other night owls and late-night folk to RP and PVE with.
☼ Persons who are equally invested. I don't want to feel like I'm the only one interested.
☼ Persons willing to communicate and collaborate.
☼ Minimal drama. I got enough to deal with IRL, I don't want any more!

RP Preferences
☼ Canon or AU relation/friendships all accepted, so long as you're active and engaging. Aultena, for all intents and purposes, is my main so I'm usually on her more often than not.
☼ Adventure / Story-driven a HUGE plus! I'm fine with slice-of-life, tavern-style stuff, but I really thrive with a driving story and adventure!
☼ Lore Flexible. I'm not a purist by any means and am willing to work with/around most concepts.
☼ Mature themes by permission only! Please discuss things with me first before proceeding. I may or may not be up to what you want to write.

Contact Me
Discord: casualcatte#1384
In-Game: Aultena Sephimiri on Balmung

The Hunt for the Saurotaun

Known only as the Saurotaun, it is a beast of near-legend, only one party having ever actually fought it and that party slain to a man. It was in that party that Aultena’s parents met their end, which serves as the fuel for Aultena’s search for the monstrosity in the present day. It’s the core of her personal storyline and serves as the underlying catalyst for a lot of the decisions she makes, such as being active in Kugane and Othard.

Rumors of the Saurotaun

♦ No one currently knows what the Saurotaun looks like. It’s only known that it has the ability to fly and tends to attack its targets by sweeping in and carrying them off, preferring to dismember and kill them in flight. Most hunters that heard the story are told that’s how the party that fought it died, carried off and scattered over the land like so much chicken feed.

♦ The Saurotaun has been sighted in numerous places on Hydaelyn. The Black Shroud, Ilsabard, Othard, and Gyr Abania are common. Other areas are rarely mentioned, places like Mor Dhona and Thanalan none at all.

♦ The claw marks it leaves behind are large, easily as long as an elezen is tall and half as wide. The Saurotaun is huge easily capable of carrying a full-grown man in each of its feet.

♦ Anecdotal stories of the beast destroying a village or town are more than acceptable, feel free to embellish, so long as you stay within the realm of rumor and conjecture. Nothing is fact (unless approved by me - Aultena).

♦ Books and other similar sources will have scant information on the Saurotaun, but there is likely information regarding some strange Mhachi experiments when they were trying to create beasts of war during the War of the Magi. They’re based on old Allag constructs (similar to what you see/find in the Fractal Continuum)

Edgard Beaumont
♥ Fiancee ♥

Her hunting partner-in-crime, and co-owner of the Stars' Rest Inn along with their friends, Edgard is one of the constants Aultena claims in her life. She trusts him like she does no one else, as one must on the Hunt.

Ever fond of the idiot dragoon, she doesn't hide her affection for him, even when people find their relationship unfathomable. She sees in him what most others refuse to: a good and admirable man, scarred by a lifetime at war.

♦ Best Friend ♦

Due to unforseen circumstances, Aultena has found a friend in the world-travelling mystel, who brings her both trouble and intrigue in turns.

She confides in him readily and unbeknownst to many, he is entrusted with a small portion of her aether, a veritable piece of her soul.

Kita Wolvesbane
♦ Best Friend ♦

While she hasn't known Kita long, they've proven themself to be an invaluable friend filled with innumerable experiences to advise her from. A frequent visitor and patron to the Rest, she finds them easy to talk to and they trust her with many of their own secrets.

Steadfast and warm -- at least to her -- Tena is certain she's found a friend for life in this Crimson Kitsune.

Nan'to Vaadrage
♦ Best Friend ♦

Encountered by happenstance when she started attending the Bounty Call, Nan'to is a friend Aultena has gradually earned over time. A quiet, unassuming persona, Nan'to is a miqo'te of close-kept secrets.

The closer she gets to him, though, the deeper she feels a kinship despite his secretive and mysterious nature.

Tetsuro Wulf
♦ Close Friend ♦

Leader of the Night Raid and host of the Bounty Call, Aultena holds Tetsuro in the highest regard and respect. Regarding him as more of a Big Brother or fatherly figure, she's sometimes impertinent and irreverent with the kitsune, but still trusts him highly as a friend and confidante.

E'nijah Suzume
♦ Close Friend ♦

Second in the Night Raid and host of the turn-in desk at the Bounty Call, Aultena never thought she'd see the day that E'nijah would have anything more to say to her than what was necessary to turn in her hunts. However, as time progressed, Aultena's patience and amiable nature has slowly drawn the stoic miqo'te out of his shell.

In him she finds a deeply steadfast friend and someone she can trust.